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Engaging the Psalms for honest connection with God.


Right at the heart of our bible is a book of hymns called Psalms. These writings have been sung and prayed by Jesus Himself and all of his followers since the beginning to express and encourage genuine faith. Yes, they instruct our thinking and actions, but the Psalms are more than that -- they help us to feel. Honestly.

There are Psalms of grief, of wild joy and deep sorrow. You'll find peace, comfort, frustration, despair and hope. In the psalms we certainly don't find believers that always put a positive spin on things. We can be real in God’s presence.

Your Father doesn't want you to fake being fine - he wants the real you. He welcomes emotional honesty for the gift that it is: a step towards deeper intimacy with him. In this study we will share a few of our favorites and invite you to pray and process with us in God’s presence. Welcome.

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