For Your Group

How to lead a group.

FEEL is the perfect study to do in a group. To get everyone set up use the following steps to help guide your group! We hope the study will be a great source of connection between you, your people, and Jesus.

  • Each person should sign up individually for the study here.

  • Every participant will get the individual work sent in a weekly email (Expect a teaching video and some workbook pages to do each week).

  • Set a group time for 5 weeks - same time, same place.

  • Choose a leader who leads a 60-90 minute meeting doing the following things:

1. Have a fun question for the group to answer in a minute or less every week as you begin.
2. Have someone read the weekly psalm out loud.
3. Go through your responses together to the reflection questions in the workbook.
4. Pray for each other.
5. Drink coffee and eat scones...or beer and chips... or wine and cheese... or hot chocolate and cookies. You get the idea. Eat. Drink. Be merry!